SALT Choir raises £1,330 for good causes

The SALT – Singing Along Together – virtual choir came together in March so we could continue to enjoy singing throughout lockdown in the community we had become.

Before lockdown we held concerts from time to time to raise funds for charitable causes, but it was difficult to see how we could continue to do this. Singing using Zoom was a different experience altogether.

We decided it was time to start thinking out of the box. The result? £1,330 raised for worthy causes between May and September.

How did we do this?

We held a Song Auction in May, based on a list of songs from our repertoire drawn up by our musical director. Choir members bid £2 for each song they wanted to sing, raising the wonderful sum of £430 for a local food bank, Hebburn Helps.

In July an emergency situation in one of our local churches arose. We donated what we could as individual choir members and also sent a donation of £360 straight to the church.

Following the explosion in Beirut, the British Red Cross Emergency Appeal was raising funds to provide people with vital medical care and support, and choir members wanted to help. We held a donated gift auction with our auctioneer Maria making it a really enjoyable occasion. £300 was raised and sent to the British Red Cross by choir member Margaret last month.

December saw the choir raise £240 for Christ Church with the sale of bespoke Christmas baubles.

What comes next? Who can say? Reaching out to support others remains a priority for our virtual choir community, which gives us so much joy.


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